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Annual Report 2015-2016

Senior Team
Avit Doshi Sahil Kanolkar
Suraj Nair Anu Agrawal Lehar Chugh Ruchir Khare Abhay Sharma

Junior Team
Aman Agarwal Adarsh Srinivasan
Akshita Aditya Rai Sourabh Dogra Vaibhav Singh

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there” July is that time of the year when one of the biggest inter B- School sports event ‘Valhalla’, hosted by XLRI takes place. With a contingent of 39 members, all brimming with excitement and anticipation, team SIBM left for Jamshedpur on 21st July. The 30 hour train journey turned out to be a great bonding time between the MBA I and MBA II players. Seniors shared their past year experiences and boosted the morale of the juniors for the upcoming event. We reached XLRI on the 23rd and began practicing for the events lined up for the next day. This year the events were scheduled as per the ‘round robin’ tournament and not ‘knockouts’ as were held in the previous years. This meant double the hard work. The following colleges took part in the events apart from the host college, XLRI.
 SIBM Pune  IIM Calcutta  IIM Raipur  XIMB

Our college competed in the following eventsFOOTBALL The first match of our team was held on the 23rd against XIMB. A heated opening match ensued following the kick-off. Our team’s lack of control of the game during the first half resulted in conceding 2 goals before the half time. Our comeback with Suraj Nair’s stunning bicycle kick and Adarsh Srinivasan’s impressive curling free kick goal from 23 yards helped us level the score. The next match was to be played the same day. As the rain started pouring, it made it all the more difficult for the team to go further with the game. Fighting the odds, the match was played against IIM C and Aditya Rai’s exhilarating goal from half line led to a startling victory with a score-line of 1-0. With this win, SIBM had secured its position in the finals. Next day, the host college was all set to play against SIBM for a place in the finals. After a tensed match accepting defeat to XLRI, it was very difficult to believe the fact that the finals were to be played with the same team that too in a few hours of time. The final match captivated the spectators with the fantastic saves and the close misses leading to the match being extended. With no change in result in the extra time, finally a round of nail-biting penalty shoots began. Devesh Kumar, our goalkeeper, Suraj Nair and Varun Dere showcased their skills leading us to victory. The football team thus continued the legacy and did not give the cup back.
Football Team: Suraj Nair, Avit Doshi, Abhay Sharma, Sahil Kanolkar, Devesh Kumar, Sidharth Goli, Aman Bhardwaj, Rashdip Singh, Diptendu Das, Adarsh Srinivasan, Aditya Rai, Varun Dere, Sourabh Dogra, Sanmay Bhaumik, Achal Singh, and Naman Jhawar
BASKETBALL The women’s team had their first match against XIMB. SIBM girls gave a tough fight to the opponent team but unfortunately lost the game. The second match with XLRI saw a lot of interest amongst the spectators. The defence strategy formed by our team was tremendous

and the match was going neck to neck till when a buzzer beater shot by XLRI made them qualify. In the next match with IIM C, we saw a few amazing 3 pointers by Surbhi Bahety and layups by Puja Kabra but unluckily the match ended with a score of 21-19. Men’s basketball team had their first match against XIMB. The coordination between the players of our team was commendable. We saw some amazing shoots by Abhiram, Sudhanshu Batta and Naman Jhawar. The dedication shown by Mridul Tigga despite of having a sprain in his ankle was laudable. This further boosted up the team, but hard luck as it may be, we could not reach the finals.
Baskeball team (W): Vidisha Negi, Surbhi Bahety, Nikita Jain, Apurva Rimjhim, Rucha Khatal, Puja Kabra and Prachi Jain Basketball team (M): Abhiram V, Mridul Tigga, Nelson Kumrawat, Chitiz Gupta, Rahul Kumar, Sudhanshu Bhatta, Naman Jhawar, Vaibhav Singh, and Sourabh Dogra BADMINTON The women’s team for Badminton had the first slot for the day. Here we saw Prachi Jain stealing the show with some strong moves in Singles. In doubles, she teamed up with Rucha Khatal and we got to see an exciting match. XIMB proved to be the better of the two teams in the end. The match with IIM C was a show stealer where we saw Lehar Chugh teaming up with Prachi Jain and despite of having injury in her leg, single handedly winning the set. We also saw Vidisha Negi giving a tough fight to the opponent. The men’s team saw an excellent performance on the court with Avikal Gupta losing a hard fought battle in his first match. The amazing duo of Anshuman Deori and Aman Bhardwaj

was one of a kind to watch with their moves and swishes leading to winning the doubles against IIM-C. The team lost a gruelling semi-final against XLRI.
Badminton team (W): Lehar Chugh, Prachi Jain, Rucha Khatal, and Vidisha Negi Badminton team (M): Anshuman Deori, Aman Bhardwaj, and Avikal Gupta Table tennis (W): Anu Agrawal, Rucha Khatal, and Akshita Table Tennis (M): Akash Mishra, Utkarsh Srivastava, Aman Agarwal and Sparsh Bhagat TABLE TENNIS The first match for the women team was against XIMB. Akshita went down fighting to a strong opponent in her singles match. Anu Agarwal and Rucha Khatal gave a tough fight to their opponents in the doubles, but lost the match after battling it out till the third set. Next match saw SIBM giving a tough competition to the home team XLRI, but unfortunately lost after a gruelling battle. The first match for Men started on a good note with Aman Agarwal winning his singles match in straight sets against a strong opponent from IIM C. The next three matches witnessed our team giving tough competition to the opponent, but lost 1-3 in the best of 5 matches. The home team managed to get the better of SIBM in the next match. Though the team lost the match, they won many hearts. THROWBALL The throw ball match was against XIMB. The first set began and the girls demonstrated a great show in terms of synchronization and team spirit. Apurva Rimjhim and Lehar Chugh caught some difficult catches and Akshita startled people with her throws. Unfortunately, the team lost the game with a minimum margin and due to terrible weather conditions; the second and third match with XLRI and IIM C could not be played.

Throw ball Team: Lehar Chugh, Apurva Rimjhim, Vidisha Negi, Rucha Khatal, Akshita, Prachi Jain, and Surbhi Bahety
VOLLEYBALL The volleyball team witnessed the players from different sports coming together and battling it out against the best B-Schools in the country. The campaign began with a nail biting encounter against XLRI. Unfortunately SIBM ended up on the losing side putting up a very competent performance. The second match against IIM C was a close encounter with SIBM giving IIM C a run for their money. Volleyball Team: Abhiram V, Suraj Nair, Sahil Kanolkar, Aman Bhardwaj, Mridul Tigga, Sourabh Dogra, Naman Jhawar, Adarsh Srinivasan and Aditya Rai
Football Champions
Valhalla 2015 ended on high spirits with a great learning experience. Despite all the sledging that took place at the time of the events, the teams depicted sportsmanship and the event closed on a good note. Overall it was a blend of enthusiasm, delight and motivation.

Dwandva which marks the face-off between MBA I and MBA II was organised over a period of 4 days from the 3rd -6th of August, 2015. The batch that wins the competition asserts supremacy over the other for the rest of the year, which is why level of anticipation and excitement remains very high during the event.
Both the batches displayed their strengths across 13 sporting events. The first event for Day 1 was Badminton wherein we saw a tough fight between the 2 teams leading to a score line of 1-0 at the end of the day, in favour of MBA II. Day 2 began with the indoor games including Pool and Carrom which took place for the very first time in Dwandva and MBA I swept away the winning titles in both these events. After that we witnessed nail biting basketball matches in which MBA II displayed their skills with superior team coordination and synchronization. Later in the day, we had Squash and Chess where MBA II and MBA I won the respective events. The final tally for day 2 was 4-3 with MBA II leading the scoreboard.
Day 3 kicked off with the boys of MBA II showcasing their skills in Swimming pool by beating the MBA I team in freestyle. Later, the MBA I girls made a comeback by defeating MBA II girls to even the score. MBA I ended the first half of the day on a high by beating MBA II in the Team relay. The battle between the batches continued on the football field, wherein the competition augmented to the point that the scores were level at 1-1till the whistle of scheduled time. In the end, MBA I defeated MBA II at the penalty shootouts. The close competition between the two batches intensified at the game of Table Tennis, where MBA II demonstrated great pedigree as they outperformed MBA I to win the event 3-2 in the best of five matches. The last day of Dwandva brought forward the combination of skill, competence and composure as MBA II made MBA I bite the dust in all the 3 sports conducted on the day; namely tug-of-war, throwball and volleyball.

Generating immense interest amongst the students especially during the Football, Table Tennis Throw ball and Tug-of-War events, the sporting display was a reminder of the talent that SIBM Pune is blessed with.

Badminton Pool Carom
Basketball (W) & (M) Squash Chess
Swimming (W) & (M) Team Relay Football Table Tennis Tug of War Throwball Volleyball TOTAL

Score Board
0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 6

1 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 9

MBA II emerged victorious at the end of this 4 day sporting extravaganza continuing the legacy of remaining undefeated in DWANDVA.

Box Cricket and Rink football 2015
The month of October marks the beginning of Cricket and Football extravaganza at SIBM, Pune. The much awaited tournament is one of the favourites at the college. The event was scheduled for 4 days from 2nd to 5th October, 2015, but due to the will of rain gods the tournament got extended by 3 days. This year the excitement and enthusiasm levels amongst the students reached a new high as we saw 29 teams participating in Box cricket and a total of 21 teams in Rink football including 6 Women’s team in Rink football. Since the matches were played in the knockout format, the margin of error for the teams was very less. A number of close calls and nail-biting finishes could be witnessed as the teams showcased their skills and competencies. There were a few instances where women participants outperformed the men and led their team to victory. Amongst all the exciting moments we also experienced rib tickling commentary by a few students of MBA II which provided hysterical moments during the intense moments during the matches.
The Sports management team faced a few challenges and the location had to be changed midway due to unexpected rainfall. The contingency was taken care of and the management by the team was laudable. 8th October marked the final day of the event wherein the matches evoked the battle between MBA I and MBA II where teams from MBA I namely ‘5-Stars’ and ‘Kickers’ took on ‘Power Puff Girls’ and ‘Balls to You’ of MBA II in Rink Football Women and Men category respectively. MBA II emerged victorious at the end of the day continuing the legacy of remaining undefeated. Box Cricket finals was played between the teams ‘Out of the Box (Finance batch)’ and ‘Innovation United (I²/I&E batch)’, where both showcased awe-inspiring performances with ‘Out of the Box’ emerging victorious at the end of the day. We look forward to the return of the tournament next year with umpteen numbers of teams participating with even greater vigour and enthusiasm.

Inter-Institute Varsity Level Squash Championship (Organized)
2nd edition of Inter Institute Squash Championship was organized in association with University Sports Board on 29th and 30th of September, 2015. It was an individual event which saw participation from 47 players (29 Men and 18 Women) from 10 different institutes of the Symbiosis family.
Inter-Institute Varsity Level Tournaments (Participated)
 Badminton (4th-7th August) - A contingent of 9 members (5 Men and 4 Women) participated in the respective event (Men and Women).
 Chess (19th-21st August) - A contingent of 5 members (Men) participated in the event. SIBM Pune were the winners in this event.
 Table Tennis (26th-28th August) - A contingent of 9 members (5 Men and 4 Women) participated in the respective event (Men and Women). The team finished 3rd in the event.
 Football (3rd-8th September) - A contingent of 15 members (Men) participated in the event.
 Volleyball (12th-14th September) - A contingent of 24 members (12 Men and 12 Women) participated in the respective event (Men and Women).
 Basketball (22nd-25th September) - A contingent of 22 members (13 Men and 9 Women) participated in the respective event (Men and Women).
 Squash (29th-30th September) - A contingent of 4 members (3 Men and 1 Woman) participated in the respective event (Men and Women).

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