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A screen protector is an additional sheet of material—commonly polyurethane or laminated glass—that can be attached to the screen of an electronic device and protect it against physical damage. A tempered glass protector is a multi-layered screen protector. It has a bottom layer of absorbent silicon, PET film and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleo phobic coating in that order. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass is always more robust and durable than plastic. Plastic protectors get scratched easily and are around 0.1mm, while the glass protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness. Screen protectors can safeguard your smartphone up to a limit.

Every year users of Smartphones are increasing in many folds. Interestingly, Smartphone companies are coming up with new models to increase their market share. All these phones are loaded with specs and features thus needs special protection special when it comes to glass screen of Smartphones. Related projects:- Glass, Flat Glass, Art Glass, Hollow Glass, Automotive Glass, Optical Glass, glass processing line, Glassware Industry

In this regard, screen protector market provides loads of solutions of different kinds from plastic to tempered glass screen protector. Over the years it has been proven that tempered glass screen protector provides far better protection to your Smartphone rather than any other options. Tempered glass screen protector too has come long way to offer more secured options and more trusted qualities.

Perhaps the best advantage of using a tempered glass screen protector is that the fabric is thicker and stronger than that of your typical plastic screen protector. As a result, your screen protector are extremely proof against scratches and different visible damage. This can be particularly vital for those who tend to store their smartphones in a bag or purse with keys or different objects that could otherwise scratch the screen. In addition to providing a thicker and stronger layer of protection for your phone's screen, a tempered glass screen protector also includes a look and feel that's terribly similar to your standard smartphone screen. As a result, you will not notice the screen protector as much as you would with a plastic one. Related Books: - Minerals & Mineral Processing, Glass And Ceramics

On the opposite hand, tempered glass screen protectors are usually significantly more expensive than traditional plastic screen protectors. It's not uncommon to pay at least £25 for one tempered glass protector, which can appear steep for a few. Furthermore, because of the additional thickness provided by a tempered glass screen protector, some phone cases might not work properly, or the home button of the phone it may seem a lot of indented. This can take some getting used to for phone users.

Technology and Effect
Tempered glass screen protector manufacturers round the world always attempt to craft one thing new for the customers’ i.e. Smartphone users. Round the world and in China, making products that are user-friendly and provides relief whereas using it are the aims of manufactures and that they work continuously to improve product quality and add features into it. Generally, to make the mirror effect, manufacturers of tempered glass screen protectors using high-end technology and top-end machines apply electroplating for smooth and glossy result. Right along the process manufacturers take further precautions and care to not harm the glass itself. Because there are probabilities if the process isn't done properly by following the step mentioned it will dampen the glass thus the top result could be a disaster.

Moreover, to stay the look a crystal clear shiny, the electroplating must be completely accurate else cracks will seem within the screen. This feature can sure as shooting enhance the planning of your mobile and may always sing their own praises your Smartphone. This feature improves the existing disadvantage of protection features of tempered glass screen protector because the performance can also be really good. Electroplating mirror effect not only makes your phone a shiny one but it also helps you to protect your privacy to some extent. Also, the electroplating coating is really ultra-thin therefore making mirror effect style more effective yet modern. Because of electroplating the protection ability gets a lift and all the other existing disadvantages take a back seat.

The first thing that every buyer should look for while selecting a new tempered glass screen protector is its size. The size must match the dimensions of your Smartphone. One of the easy ways to find it is with the Model number of your phone which would guide you to find and select a protector of accurate size. Along with the above one of the major issues that you should consider before buying any tempered glass screen protector is its coverage area. Most glass screen protectors hurt the integrity of edge phones by compromising the edge part with adhesive and cover the adhesive with colors. Related Videos:- Glass, Flat Glass, Art Glass, Hollow Glass, Automotive Glass, Optical Glass, glass processing line, Glassware Industry

The important point is that glass screen protectors should be able to protect edge-to-edge display. It should be crystal clear all the way around even on the sides. MPG offers 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen protector and Here also, please take a look at some technologies that are involved in making tempered glass screen protector. This will help you more with knowledge so that you can look for the perfect coverage providing screen protector.

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Manufacturing of Smartphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector